What it is?

Mobile marketing is an online marketing technique in which we try to reach a specific audience on their smartphones, tablets, or other related devices through websites, E mails, SMS, social media or mobile applications. According to recent reports, 40% of user’s internet time is spent on mobile devices and is likely to grow, therefore ignoring mobile marketing is a bad idea.

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What You Learn?


Why is mobile marketing important?

1. Mobile marketing is the future-

People are using their smartphones more than ever. According to recent IDC research, people are spending on an average 195 minutes per day using their smartphone. Due to this, marketers are able to reach customers 24/7. Mobile marketing has unlocked powerful opportunities for marketers on a scale never seen before. You can market your product or service like never before.

2.Mobile Marketing has a wider audience base-

It is a fact that some people don’t user their laptops or desktops any more. They have shifted to mobile exclusively. Therefore there is a possibility that if you aren’t marketing on mobile, you’re not reaching these type of customers at all.

3.Mobile friendly sites rank higher-

Google now ranks mobile-optimized sites higher than non-optimized site. This is according to the recent google algorithm.

4.Mobile advertising spend will overtake desktop-

Mobile web traffic surpasses that of desktop, globally. Major companies realize what this means for their ad spend. It is predicted by experts that desktop ad spend will be around $25 billion in the next few years, while mobile will make up the major 72% stake of total spend by 2019.

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"I had a great learning experience here at Acrotech. My class was made intrested by the instructor and i recieved a great hands on training. My course is completed.However, I can come here at anytime if i have any question or for practice for my exam. I highly recommended this institute for training."

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"The best things about Acrotech is that they will start from the basic and then take you to the advance modules. Very ease and flexible way of practice is followed.Even a beginner can understand complex things very easily"

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"They provide professional training which is very helpful in corporates & industries. All the training are very good & i got a lot of personal attention in class and all my doubts are solved by the faculty. Assignment and notes for each modules are given & they also provide extra time for practice. Atmosphere of institute is also very good."

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"i njoyed my training at this institute. I did not have any knowledge of marketing and they taught me from the basic. Instructor gave me good attention since i needed a lot of help. I would refer it to my friends and family."

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